Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are grateful that our core business is closely in line with our corporate value of creating a more sustainable
environment for our future generations. Yearly, 8 million tons of wastes are disposed worldwide, with over 4 million tons of waste dump in landfills. These mountains of waste disposal are growing at a shocking rate. Without any proactive waste management measures taken, a new incineration plant have to be built every 7 years, and a new landfill (size of 450 football field) every 30 years.

Creating a GREENer future

Metal recycling is one of the most effective ways for waste management. Creating new metals from the extraction of metals ores is tiresome and energy-consuming processes that include high CO2 emission, which adversely affecting our environment. We play an important role by recycling metals into useful resources and electric components for the manufacturing and construction sector.

  • Green growth is a must, it brings more business opportunities
  • Responsible for the Earth
  • Everyone should take ownership
  • Environmentally friendly development
  • Need not to be “green experts” to be eco-friendly