Our Services

We pride ourselves in providing customer tailored service, competitive pricing and timely collection from our customers.

Please refer to the below list of services that we provide:

  • Transport services – fleet of reliable Trucks and Lorries at your disposal
  • One Stop Station – various services such as collection, transportation, demolition, clearing to recycling of all electronic metals and wastes such as: Iron Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Cables, Wires, Machineries, Air Conditioner, Batteries and etc.
  • Bins of all sizes – availability of various waste matter collection centres islandwide.
  • Timely schedule – punctual waste pick-up and dispatch operations.
  • Well-trained drivers and workers – efficient clearing and disposal services.
  • Experienced in various demolition services- ranging from residential houses, factories and commercial buildings demolishment.
  • Wide availability range – provision of precision recycling tools and equipment.
  • Disposal certificate – official document available upon request, to attest that waste items are properly disposed.



  • 可靠的卡車和貨車車隊運輸服務。
  • 從事收集、運輸、拆卸、清理回收所有的金屬和非金屬廢;如:鐵、鋁、不銹鋼、銅、黃銅、電纜、電線、機器設備、冷氣、電池等的一站式服务。
  • 我們提供各種廢舊金屬專用的鐵桶。
  • 完善機制,時間準確。
  • 訓練有素的司機和工人。
  • 經驗豐富的拆卸、服務無論是工廠或商業樓宇。
  • 拆除工具和完整機械設備。
  • 提供出售消毀證書,以確保客戶的資料不會疏漏或物品不會留在二手市場。 如有任何询问,欢迎您与我们联络详谈。